Miracle Tunes Precure

bliss inpact precureブリスインパクトプリキュア Original Run; jan 4 2022 Theme; elemental girls Beginning and Ending; Love Tension' PV 大公開 ブリスインパクトプリキュア Ending; 大事なモノ Girls² Cures; Kanayuru Sanaya Mai Mitsumai Daijai

Burisu inpakuto purikyua

  • Kanayuru Hanadoka/Cure Peppermint

a girl with a beautiful person likes math a precure transformation meet twidon

  • Sanaya Ikurno/Cure Seafoam

she is a meet her bestfriends Kanayuru she transform cure seafoam

  • Mai Jainane/Cure Oceane

a girl kind of loveness likes puppies she transform into cure oceane

  • Mitsumai Raijuno/Cure Daisy

she is shy girl with a normal girl she transform into cure daisy

  • Daijai Kitjuno/Cure Nature

a prosperity girl want her be a policewomen but is not started transform into cure nature

a mascot turns precure

Twidon/Cure Galaxy

Harty/Cure Marigold

Sansai/Cure Reef

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